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Dear Parent,

You are probably wondering what this person knows that I do not already know, well let me tell you just a few things that might surprise you about kids and birthday parties. Did you know they want you to be the coolest parent in their school? Did you know they want to be known as the kids with the coolest parents in school that has the best birthday parties ever?

Did you know that a fantastic birthday party does not have to cost as much as you think and that same low cost birthday party will put your child in the glowing light and envy of all his or her friends? How, you ask; because you would have read this eBook, “Successful Birthday Parties for Kids!”.

In this guide you will learn all the kids party ideas and tricks of the trade to pull off a successful birthday party where everyone leaves happy and ways to keep your wallet in check. You will learn ways to comprise with the birthday child and still stay well under your budget and so much more!

Provide you with party themes of all age groups, games and activities for all age groups, party favor ideas that will impress your childs peers, food ideas that will surprise you, and still more!

When it comes to planning birthday parties, there is no need to get flustered over all that needs to be done. The organization of it all, the invitations, party theme, decorations, food, gifts, cake, location, and a hoard of other things that need looking after can be a breeze. "Successful Birthday Parties for Kids!” will reveal great knowledge from years of experience that will solve all your kids birthday party dilemmas.

There is a Solution to the Most Memorable Birthday Party...

Organization is imperative in delivering a fantastic birthday party. Without it, the results can be less then pleasant. There is a ton of planning to do to pull off the best birthday party ever.

Trying not to get lost in the stressors involved can bring on questions like “How early should I start planning?’ or “You want to invite how many kids?” and the “And how exactly do you expect me to pull off that kind of party?” dilemmas are all answered and hundreds of more problems solved. You will find concrete answers that work 100% of the time.


"Successful Birthday Parties for Kids!" eBook and Audio

Everyone wants their child to have a fantastic birthday party and be able to take those memories with them throughout life. “Successful Birthday Parties for Kids!” will give you all the tools need to accomplish this plus more. I guarantee that you will love this ebook. It makes a great present for an expectant mother or any one who does any planning for children’s birthday parties.

But best yet, all of the book can be easily used in planning for any kind of child party, Valentines, Halloween, Easter, slumber parties, summer pool parties, whatever the occasion! These useful kids party ideas, tips and guidelines will have party planning something you look forward to, rather then dread.

You can download this ebook and audio instantly on your computer!

It's as easy as saving a document on your computer.

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Included, you will get simple to follow lists that will help you: 

1) Stay on track!

Included is a great time lined checklist telling you exactly when is the best time to send out invitations, order the cake or bake it, buy décor online, set up games, best party times, and much more.

2) Not forgetting anything!

Also included is a BEST Birthday Party Ever shopping list that will ensure if followed, that come the day of the big event nothing will have been overlooked.

The information you will get inside of “Successful Birthday Parties for Kids!” ebook and audio is practical information that anyone can use. You won't find this anywhere else. I really can say that this is a must read for all parents.

This guide is not marketed towards the rich or the poor, it is marketed for anyone who wants to be able to throw a fantastic birthday party for their child, not go broke doing so, and make that day the most special day of your child’s life. How much is that worth to you? I know; “Priceless”.

I am going to leave you with just two questions.

1. How much did you spend to pull off your childs’ last birthday party factoring in food, decorations, party favors, games, activities, location, and everything else it entails? R2000, R3000, R4000 MORE???

2. Now, what if you could throw the best birthday party ever for a small fraction of that cost? Would you be interested?

Well now you can! Because "Successful Birthday Parties for Kids!" ebook and audio is just:


Audio MP3 Included!


Not only do you get this ebook but you will also get the book on an audio MP3 file which means you can listen to "Successful Birthday Parties for Kids!" while you do the housework or the gardening!

That's Not All You'll Be Getting...Also Receive These Bonuses For Free

Bonus #1

Entertainments for Home, Church, and School

(203 page eBook)

(Hundreds of Kids and Adult Party Ideas)

Entertainment Ideas for Kids Parties

Are you looking for inexpensive ways to add variety and fun to your parties and get-togethers?  Make your next gathering one they'll rave about for weeks!

You CAN learn terrific and engaging games, activities, and sports to make your next party entertaining for ALL of your guests, whether they are rich or poor, young or old.  You CAN make your next holiday party, picnic, children's play date, or adult social fun and exciting for everyone!

Let's Take a Peek Inside...

When young folks, and older folks, too, for that matter, meet for a pleasant evening, it is rather depressing to have them sit solemnly on stiff chairs in the company room and stare helplessly at one another, like folks awaiting a funeral service.

Now, if there is present, and there usually is, a bright girl, who knows the games in this ebook, and she starts in to "get the ball a-rolling," all will soon be enjoying themselves better than if they were watching a three-ring circus. And then the volleys of wholesome laughter that will roll out--why, they will be better for the digestion than all the medicines of all the doctors.

Games are meant to amuse, but in addition to amusing, a good game, played in the right spirit, may have great educational value.

Now, this is distinctly a book of games and amusements. There are games for indoors, scores of them, while there are other scores that can be enjoyed only in the open.

It will be noticed that some of the outdoor games, and others devised for indoors, require some apparatus, like tennis and croquet, or back-gammon boards and magic lanterns, but the majority need only the company, and--let it be added--the disposition to have a good time.

Within the virtual covers of Entertainments for Home, Church, and School,  you will find condensed and clearly set forth the best of a library of books on amusements.

It includes these easy-to-read sections...

Household Games and Amusements
Games and Ideas for Church and School Socials
Optical Illisions You Can Do
Table Games for Adults
Outdoor Games for Adults
Holiday Games and Amusements
Outdoor Games for Girls
Pasttimes Ideas and Games for Children
Indoor Games for Young Children
Outdoor Games for Young Children
Singing Games for Children
Games of Arithmetic
One Hundred Conundrums


Bonus #2

Backyard Ideas for Fun and Frolic

(Value of R127)

Backyard Ideas

Keeping children amused is child’s play, given that you have read the eBook “Backyard Ideas For Fun And Frolic.” As its name suggests, this eBook comprises 40 pages of great ideas and tips on how to convert your backyard into a place of great fun and joy. These ideas are simple, cost effective, practical, and guarantee unlimited amusement not only for children, but also for the entire family.

These Are Some Of The Tips You Will Find In The Book:

Backyard Activities for the Home Improvement Lover
Gardening: A Fun and Creative Backyard Project
Must Have Accessories For Your Next Gardening Project
Must Have Accessories For All Backyard Activities
Great Food For Your Next Backyard Adventure
Popular Backyard Activities for Adults
Popular Backyard Activities For The Whole Family
Own a Pool? Have a Pool Party
Planning A Pool Party: What You Need To Prepare For
Popular Water Activities For The Backyard
Planning A Backyard Barbeque Party
The Benefits Of Organizing A Backyard Barbeque
Backyard Play Structures For Children
Building a Tree House or Fort: The Ultimate Backyard Experience
Exploring Nature With Your Child, In Your Own Backyard


Bonus #3

  Rainy Day Activities for Kids

(Value of R73)

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Uh Oh!

The kids are home and it's raining. You know what comes next, right?

“I'm bored!!!”
“There's nothing to do!”

Yeah you know what I'm talking about. They can't go outside because it's too soggy out there and you really don‟t want them sitting like zombies in front of the electronic babysitter for hours, or playing video games till their gray matter starts to have the consistency of Swiss Cheese, do you? No, you don't. You're a good parent, a responsible parent. You know that by stimulating their little minds and encouraging their natural creativity and desire to be active you're continuing to be a good parent.

There's nothing worse than an idle child with nothing to do, so why not give them some simple and easy to do crafts? If you‟re not a crafty-person (and a lot of us aren't) it might seem a bit daunting to you. Perhaps the last craft you created was when you pressed your hand into some clay in grade school to make a gift for your mother or father. If that's so, don't panic. All it takes for you to be able to do this is a little ingenuity—and some planning ahead.

Bonus #4

Fun & Free Activities For Families On A Budget

(Value of R79)

Fun & Free Activities

Everyone loves to have a little fun now and again. Especially kids! And, of course those that are still kids at heart. But, with the rising economy, it becomes more and more difficult to have money on hand for fantastic family outings.

The hope of this ebook is to help you find several ways to spend the least amount of money while still having a heap of fun with your family while creating lasting memories.

You may already know, or have heard, that spending time with the ones you love costs you nothing. And that's true. However, without some activity to help pass that time, you may just be stuck spending time in the living room glued to the "boob tube". Not very fun. Although, at certain times, going outdoors isn't always possible.

Throughout this ebook, you will find inventive and interesting ways to enjoy the time you spend with your family both indoors and outdoors without needing to have lots of money. Or ANY money for that matter!Which is always a great deal!

And, the most memorable activities will be those that money played no part in for you and the rest of your family. If you don't believe that, think back of one of the most terrific times you had when you were a kid. Anything about money in that memory? No? Thought so ;-)

There are plenty of activities. Select a few, or invent a few of your own from the ideas you get from reading through the activities in this ebook. Who knows? You may just begin a family tradition of fun!

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You've got a full 60 days to try out the material. This is a no questions asked, no fuss money-back guarantee I like to adopt.


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You can download these ebooks and audio instantly on your computer!

It's as easy as saving a document on your computer!



Audio MP3 Included!


P.S. You know you want to give your child the best birthday party ever, and when I told you I could guarantee the secrets and tips revealed in these eBooks to give your children the best time of their lives, I wasn’t kidding.

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